IT Infrastructure


Consulting to Completion


IT Infrastructure Consulting

We offer No 1 consultation service. This professional people works under Aeorax banner – a branded name for our IT consulting specialists. These experts are committed, experienced and able to implement any solution architected by our solutions team.

A Complete End-to-End Team

The Aeorax service is staffed by project managers, senior system analysts, and enterprise architects in charge of engineering your entire solution.


Our execution team delivers effective, consistent and repeatable results every time. This is made possible by educating the team on the 6-Sigma Lean DMAIC process to project management. By having a standardized procedure behind every project we on-board, we have created the perfect team that communicates with the same goals in mind. The DMAIC process not only keeps the end goal in mind, but also considers the client’s requirements at each step of the implementation. This provides a clear road map for the client from initiation to the final state implementation.

    Service offering details

    A robust IT solution that administers infrastructure and systems. Analyze, isolate and correct server, website, cloud infrastructure, router, switch, printer, network and peripheral issues before they arise. We proactively troubleshoots the problems as they arise, before the client is even aware of them.


    Managed Device

    A light-weight monitoring agent is installed on the device. The agent collects all of the data and sends it out to our NOC. Agentless devices are also supported.

    Monitoring and Analysis

    If red flags are raised, multiple alerts across different platforms are sent out. Monthly reports are also sent out. The NOC team is also notified so they may perform remediation.


    Our NOC receives this information using our automated system tools. This data is then ready to be analyzed by our NOC Team.



    The Managed Services Team performs remediation of the problem, documents the occurrence and provides a monthly report.

    Types of Devices We Manage

    Whether they are any type of devices we can manage it for you.


    Networking Devices

    Firewalls, Routers, Switches, and Access Points can be managed from various manufacturers.

    End points

    Printers, Laptops, Desktop, Mobile devices, VOIP Devices, Storage devices can be managed from various manufacturers.

    Cloud Infrastructure

    Owning the cloud infrastructure to ensure connectivity, uptime and functionality. Hosted locally within Canada.

    Servers and Storage

    Physical and virtual can be managed from various manufacturers.