About Us

Aeorax lnc is a trusted IT services provider for over 1500 clients worldwide. We are driven to create extraordinary value, efficiency and competitive advantage for our clients through Innovative technology services.  From software product development to mission critical enterprise applications, commercial Web hosting services, IPTV and Networking Solutions - Aeorax Technologies provides an unmatched combination of IT investment-return and flawless technical execution. That is why more than 85% of our clients return to us every year. We apply intellectual assets from around the world to our customers´ challenges. Work is completed on-site, near shore, and off -shore, giving customers exceptional flexibility, scale and world-class expertise.

Aeorax offers a wide variety of IT solutions

Infrastructure Assessments and Deployments

Server and End User Virtualization

Strategic Information Technology Planning – organizational and infrastructure

Web Server, Hosting and Storage planning, installation and migration

Cloud readiness planning

Website Design, Build and Maintenance

Search Engine optimization at different layers

Network design, implementation, staging and rollout – wired and wireless

Enterprise Security services, including end-to-end Security Posture, Penetration Testing

Asset management, prior to or during a hardware refresh cycle

IPTV Services on several platforms with robust servers located globally

24×7 Helpdesk support with the ability to place a service call around the clock

Globally Reach

Aeorax Inc has been delivering IT Solutions to North America, Asia, Europe etc. through its vast available resources situated strategically to serve its clients globally.

Our Clients

A Trusted Advisor to Kick start Companies, State recruiting Agency, Construction, Renovation, Architectural Industries and many more to help build, implement Webservices and manage their Networked systems and applications.

Our Partners

Importantly, Aeorax partners with best in class technology vendors to provide cost-effective end-to-end IT solutions, including Managed Services, Security and Business Continuity Solutions, Data Center Transformation, and Client Computing/Mobility.

IPTV Expertise

Led by our highly skilled IPTV Operations team Aeorax provides IT support services for projects large and small, ongoing maintenance, or to supplement your Set Top Box experience. Our team of trained and certified engineers and technicians hold decades of experience in the in this industry, They are available 24X7 for remedial support to ensure that you can support your users around the clock.